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Transform your business productivity with Chromosis CRM.

Why Chromosis CRM

Have multiple clients? Things getting out of hand? Do you want to provide the best possible service to each and every client, every time they engage with your organization? Do individuals in your organization have the right tools to perform and achieve the targets?

Chromosis CRM software helps you to do just that.

Chromosis CRM is tailored according to your organizational needs to offer the tools you need to know everything about your clients, insights of your organization and empower every individual in your organization to deliver consistently and deliver high value customer experiences.

Track leads, Convert leads, Retains your customers, get complete visibility of Sales & Marketing in a structured way.


Modules , Features and Benefits

Convert Leads, Send Quotations And Ensure on time follow up to convert leads to customers.
  • Track Leads
    Create lead database, get a view of all potentials, reminders of all follow ups. Get reminders from your calendar and track lead communication history.
  • Lead Conversion
    Automatic update database of all leads based on status and convert more leads by timely follow ups.
  • Create Enquires
    Create Enquiries and track each enquiry in a centralized place.
  • Quotations
    • Create Quotation - Prepare and send fully formatted Quotations (in PDF format) with all product and service details, including pictures, pricing and detailed terms and conditions.
    • Save Quotation - Create and save the quotation for later editng and for approval.
    • Revise Quotation - Need not create a new quotation to your customer after negotiation. You can always revisit and revise the existing quoatation.
    • Revision History - Maintain entire history of quotations, view latest version and previous version to compare the products, pricing, discount and terms & conditions on just a click.
  • Track Pending Enquires
    Get key alerts and notifications to track enquires to win deals.
  • Follow Ups
    • Schedule Follow Ups
    • Follow Up reminders
    • Track status
  • Track Received Orders
  • Track Lost Orders
Manage supply chain efficiently with all the necessary information.
  • Find all necessary information in just a click
    • Client Details
    • Product details
    • Transportation details
    • Terms and conditions
    • Invoices
    • Dedicated File manager for each orders
  • Sales Orders
    Create and manage Sales Orders to have an insight of the entire business flow.
  • Approval systems
    Customizable multiple hierharchy of approval levels whether it be quotations,sales orders,accounts approvals and many more.
  • Track Dispatches
    Manage all dispatches by status
    • Dispatch pending.
    • In transit.
    • Dispatch completed.
Managing the organization's financial aspects to have a better visiblity in terms of
  • Account payable.
  • Account Receivable.
  • Trial balance.
  • Financial reports.
  • Configurable taxes.
  • Cost centers and Budgets.
  • Multiple currency.
  • Daily Mission.
  • Activity chart.
  • Daily call report.
    • Linked directly to enquires.
    • Linked directly to service management.
  • Daily expense report.
    • Claim expenses.
  • Manage deposits.
  • Approval systems.
  • Manage sales targets.
  • Sales forecast.
  • Sales planner.
Amaze customers by providing on time support and service by clearing all the queries.
  • Track complaints(issues).
  • Schedule servicing visits.
  • Warranty tracker.
  • Service visit records.
  • Task forecast.
  • Task loads.
  • Create and assign tasks to multiple persons.
  • Track all the tasks in terms of %.
  • Track overdue tasks.
  • Dedicated file manager for all tasks.
  • Activity for all tasks.
  • Create Unlimited Marketing Campaigns.
  • Extract list from existing client database.
  • Importing the contacts from MS Excel.
  • Importing the contacts from gmail,yahoo,rediff and outlook.
  • Detailed analysis of each campaign.
  • Enquiries generated from email campaign is directly integrated with the system.
  • In house messaging system for better communication.
  • Managing the events in Calendar which is syncronized with Google Calendar.
  • Accounts
    • General Ledger
    • Trial Balance
    • Financial Statements
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Sales Register
    • Ordered Items To Be Billed
    • Delivered Items To Be Billed
    • Received Items To Be Billed
    • Bank Clearance Summary
    • Payment Collection With Ageing
    • Payment Made With Ageing
    • Sales Partners Commission
    • Customer Account Head
    • Supplier Account Head
    • Item-wise Sales Register
    • Budget Variance Report
    • Sales Invoice Trends
    • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Customer Addresses And Contacts
    • Ordered Items To Be Delivered
    • Sales Person-wise Transaction Summary
    • Item-wise Sales History
    • Territory Target Variance (Item Group-Wise)
    • Sales Person Target Variance (Item Group-Wise)
    • Customers Not Buying Since Long Time
    • Quotation Trend
    • Sales Order Trend
What makes Chromosis CRM Simple, Fast, Easy and Reliable.
  • User friendly user interface.
  • More powerful search.
  • Faster Performance.
  • Robust and Reliable.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • 24 hours turnaround time for bug fixes.
  • Mobile compatible.
  • Forecasting.
  • Easy extraction of reports.
  • Reports/Reporting Capability 40%
  • Personnel Reduction 27%
  • Productivity Improvements 26%
  • No Redundant Data Entry 25%
  • Order Management Improvements 20%
  • Financial Close Cycle Reduction 19%
  • Cash Management Improvement 11%
  • Revenue/Profit Increases 11%
  • Transportation/Logistics Cost Reductions 9%
  • Maintenance Reductions 7%
  • On-Time Delivery 6%
  • Information/Visibility 55%
  • Improved Processes 24%
  • Customer Responsiveness 22%
  • Cost Reduction 14%
  • Integration 13%
  • Standardization 12%
  • Business Performance 7%
  • Sales Automation 20%
  • Increased time for analysis 20%

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